ON SET // EDIT READY Transcoding

Wrap and directly start with your edit. Speeding up the process between data wrangling and the edit conform transcoding by providing on set Media conformin.


Save time with our dual workflow for direct backup transcodings.

Dailies with COPRA

Quality management and metadata management on your own or rented devices.

Get to see what you shot all day long and comment on takes.

mobile 4.5 LTE NETWORK

Uploads, Downloads, on Set networking: all the connectivity you need to stary productive. Share files like call sheets via WiFi or make emergency information available to everyone on set without having to leave flight mode.

Connect your crew and post production to the set.

High speed connectivity

  • Thunderbolt 3 100% 100%
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet 40% 40%
  • USB 3.0 10% 10%

Full Production Report

Wonder if everything got backed up or what iso scene 4 T6 was shot in? 

We got you covered with our full reporting workflow. Giving you the confidence to sleep well.

MD5 Checksum Backup with hedge

Included in every rate is a license for hedge with foolcat and parachute.

Enabling you to choose between high class licensing of Pomforts Silverstack or going the more cost effective way.

Da Vinci Resolve Studio License

Out of the box we provide a full license of this powerful tool for Metadata Management, Transcoding, Synching, Color Correction, LUT Creation and many more.

Of course we can provide additional software like FCPX or ADOBE CC, if needed.